Hurricane beat Banfield and rises to the classic with San Lorenzo

What a way to get to next Sunday’s classic that of Huracán. Frank Kudelka’s team beat Banfield 4-1 as a visitor, a scoring mark that they had not achieved since October 2017 when they beat Lanús 4-0 at Parque Patricios with Gustavo Alfaro as DT and goals from Wanchope Abila (twice), Romero Gamarra and Mariano González. Much more remarkable is the data if one takes into account that it was at home: the last time the Globe had scored such a number of goals on someone else’s court was in February 2009, against Racing (4-1), with conquests from De Federico (in duplicate), Federico Nieto and Pastore for the remembered Angel Cappa team.

On the contrary, San Lorenzo arrives wrapped in doubts and with the continuity of Paolo Montero in we will see after the 3-1 fall against Lanús at home, a few hours before the success of the Globo.

The moment of the Parque Patricios complex is undeniably positive. Until the fall of last date with Boca (0-3), he had put on a streak of three consecutive successes, so with the victory this Wednesday, he added 12 of the last 15 points in play, reached 25 units and it got into the top ten teams in the League. The only “stain” in the present of the Globe is the injury of defender Lucas Merolla, who retired on a stretcher and with visible signs of pain already in injury time.

Hurricane hit early as to better accommodate development. At 2 minutes, an overflow by Rodrigo Cabral found Triverio’s head alone to anticipate the reaction of goalkeeper Altamirano and send the ball into the net.

The visit, with more compact movements, dominated that initial section of comparison, coming out quickly on the cons and becoming a laborious cast every time they had to retreat to try to recover the ball. On the contrary, the Drill did not know how to get to the opposite area and the fans present at Florencio Sola unleashed their anger against players and leaders after 20 minutes, with hurtful chants.

In the second half, DT Javier Sanguinetti sought to give the situation a new turn with the income of the Colombian Cuero and the American So Señora. But beyond the intentions, Banfield continued to punish with the same mistakes he made in most of the rest of the game: he confused the ways to attack and it cost him horrors to put a player of his own, face to face with Marcos Díaz.

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Thus, the Globe hit again at 57, when Galoppo gave back from the middle of the court, the defender Lollo got in the way and enabled his goalkeeper Altamirano, who took it with his hand, instead of bursting with his foot in the clearance. The referee Fernando Rapallini sanctioned the pertinent indirect free kick, inside the area, the execution by Acevedo, after a touch from Cabral, embedded in the angle and became 2-0.

It seemed that Kudelka’s team would not pass any pressure until the end, but the entrance of the kid Ramiro Enrique gave another mobility to the bland attack from Banfile. At 73 and after a good individual maneuver by Cuero, the ball reached the admitted, who crossed the shipment for the arrival by the other sector of kid Cruz, who marked his seventh conquest in the tournament and lit the light of illusion .

However, a courageous Uruguayan Cóccaro, who started a counter in his own field and defined with a subtlety, widened the differences. And the eastern scorer himself, already in injury time and in another action in which Banfield gave a free zone in defense, put the bow to a result.

For Banfield it was the fourth game without wins and has only two so far this contest. The cast of Sanguinetti, increasingly questioned, has barely 15 points and is ranked 24th.


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