Hunting: petition for stricter regulations reaches 100,000 signatures and will be considered by the Senate

“Deaths, violence and abuse linked to hunting: never again!”. This petition, published on September 10 on the Senate website, exceeded the 100,000 signature mark on Thursday November 11. The Senate has already announced that it is addressing the issue by setting up a mission.

This petition was submitted by the collective “Un jour un hunter”, created the day after the death of Morgan Keane, a 25-year-old young man shot by mistake by a hunter while he was chopping wood in his garden.

In total, more than 100,000 people have signed this manifesto to demand, in particular, Sundays and Wednesdays “without hunting”, “stricter training”, and “real control and monitoring of firearms”.

“Far from the emotion and the pre-election agitation”

According to the regulations of the e-petitions platform, created by the Senate in January 2020, petitions having collected at least 100,000 signatures within 6 months are submitted to the Conference of Presidents, which brings together Gérard Larcher (LR) and the presidents of groups and committees.

Tuesday, two days before the crossing of 100,000 signatures, the Senate announced that it was addressing the issue. In a press release, the upper house of Parliament explained its desire to examine “in depth” and “far from the pre-electoral emotion and agitation, the issue of security in hunting”, thanks to a “mission joint ”between the Economic Affairs and Law committees.

Since the opening of the hunt, a series of accidents involving hunters has been recorded. On Thursday, a 47-year-old man was seriously injured in the face in Montauban during a hunting accident. In 2020, the French Biodiversity Office recorded 141 victims of hunting, including 11 deaths.

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