Hunger, poverty and unemployment in India at record levels

The report of the World Hunger Index has described the level of poverty in India as dangerous and its condition is much worse than that of the neighboring countries.

According to the report, last year India was ranked 94th in the world, but this year its position has worsened in terms of hunger and it is now ahead of Afghanistan or Nigeria and Congo in this index. Moreover, in terms of the index, India is well below its neighbors Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The ruling BJP claims that the Modi government is taking the country on a new path of development, but unemployment in the country is at record levels.

According to the world media, the Indian economy is also in bad shape due to the corona virus and if compared globally, it is one of the countries in the world where petrol and diesel prices are the highest. After the report, the Modi government is also facing severe criticism from the opposition.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal, quoting the index in a tweet, sarcastically said, “Congratulations Modiji, you have eradicated poverty and hunger, made India a world power, digitized the country’s economy and He has done a lot more than that.

According to the Global Hunger Index, 18 countries, including China, Brazil and Kuwait, are in the top rankings this year with scores less than 5. Many Indians are also concerned about how neighboring China has made such good progress in eradicating hunger and why India is lagging behind.


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