Hungary: Eric Zemmour received by Viktor Orban

Eric Zemmour spoke with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The polemicist, not yet a candidate, was accompanied by Marion Maréchal.

A trip that took on the appearance of a diplomatic meeting. In Budapest, Eric Zemmour participated in the international demographic summit, invited by the Hungarian far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Islam, immigration, the two men agree on many subjects.

Not yet officially a candidate, Eric Zemmour, praised the Hungarian leader’s way of governing. “I don’t think Viktor Orban is an authoritarian ruler. He runs his country and he does not let himself be intimidated by minorities, nor the media, nor the government of judges. This is exactly what is needed in France, it does not mean an authoritarian government, ”he stressed.

By his side in Budapest, Marion Maréchal Le Pen. Quite a symbol, while his aunt, Marine Le Pen, clearly appears as Eric Zemmour’s direct opponent for 2022. “Eric Zemmour is someone I know well and appreciate. After telling you am I going to support him or Marine Le Pen, that is not going to be the subject of the day. I stay out of the game, ”she said.

Marine Le Pen has not received an invitation from the Hungarian Prime Minister. According to her close entourage, she should meet him soon.

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