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Hun Sen, who has been in power for 38 years in Cambodia, is becoming the prime minister again?

Hun Sen

Democracy, elections, suffrage – it’s all a matter of paper in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia. Hun Sen, leader of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), has held the post of Prime Minister for the past 38 years. Who came to power in 1985 at the age of 33 and established a dictatorship in the name of democracy in the country. He and his party are expected to form the government in the seventh national general election held in the country today. Because, in the meantime, Hun Sen has completely exhausted the opposition political parties and activists by using the court. As a result, analysts and politicians believe that this election will be similar to the election held in 2018. They say Hun Sen, like all other dictators, will never leave power. CNN and BBC news.

Before the 2018 elections, he used the courts to break up the opposition. Not only that, the MP rank leaders of the opposition party were canceled as members of Parliament. Other leaders were imprisoned. After eliminating the opponent, he held the election six months later. Hun Sen’s party CPP was declared the winner in all 125 seats of parliament by rigging the votes in that election.

Even before this election, the opposition has been severely harassed for several days. Regarding today’s election, Mu Sochua, the country’s former minister of women and veteran affairs, said Hun Sen will never leave power. This election is nothing more than a day for Hun Sen to impose his choice on the Cambodian people. A voter in the capital Phnom Penh said that this election is actually meaningless. There is no one to go to parliament and speak for the people. So people are not interested.

Hun retained power in Cambodia using the army, police and intelligence agencies during his long rule. Now he wants to leave power by making his son the next prime minister. In today’s election, his son, an army officer, Hun Manet, is standing as MP.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Asia. The country is drowned in various corruptions and irregularities; There is no accountability.

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