Human Rights Foundation: Bitcoin fixes democracies and fights corruption

Alex Gladstein, the Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation, believes that Bitcoin can mend broken democracies and fight corruption by limiting the power of governments. In a February 20 interview Gladstein says that due to its decentralized nature, Bitcoin can function as a barrier against corruption and tyranny.

Fiat money is the culprit

It is striking that the major problem in today’s society, according to Gladstein, lies in fiat money. “In the places where democracies break, I think that is very clearly tied to fiat money and I think Bitcoin sorts that out in a way,” Gladstein said.

Alex Gladstein has been with the Human Rights Foundation since 2007. This foundation aims to promote human rights worldwide, especially in countries where people live under an authoritarian regime.

During the interview, Gladstein also says that Bitcoin represents freedom of speech, property, and open capital markets. All things that are not in favor of a tyrannical government, which often require censorship, confiscation and closed capital markets.

An alternative

Gladstein also sees decentralized Bitcoin as an alternative to government money. For example, for people who want to raise money for an initiative that has not been approved by the government, think of the trucker protests in Canada.

According to a February 2022 study by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, the primary reason for embracing crypto-raising is to avoid closing traditional accounts.

It wouldn’t surprise Gladstein if there are many more “trigger moments” like this in the years to come. Moments when people run into problems in the traditional financial system and make the jump to Bitcoin, because they don’t suffer from that tyranny there.

“All those moments create new Bitcoiners out of necessity,” said Gladstein. So the Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation thinks all of these things are ultimately good for Bitcoin adoption.

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