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Hugo Sotelo Contract Talks Heat Up

Hugo Sotelo's contract extension on the table

TO while his current priority is to release approximately 15 players and bring in at least six new ones, there are other pressing matters on the table. One of them is the contract extension of Hugo Sotelo.

Extending Hugo Sotelo’s contract is a top priority for Celta, according to their football director, Marco Garces, who is focused on developing the club’s youth players and investing in them financially. The plan is to give the youth team more opportunities to play in the first team.

Negotiations with Hugo Sotelo’s representatives have been ongoing for some time and are expected to continue. While the extension has not yet been finalized, the club is confident that Sotelo will commit to Celta, just as they are doing with him.

Hugo Sotelo has been a regular member of the first team all season, playing in 17 league games, including eight starts, and contributing 718 minutes of playing time. He also started three cup games.

The youth squad has already had the opportunity to gain experience under coaches Rafa Benitez and Claudio Giraldez, who is familiar with Sotelo from his days in the club’s lower divisions. Under the current coach, Sotelo started five of the 10 possible games.

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