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Hugo González continues ‘on fire’

Hugo González continues 'on fire'

There was no hangover after Hugo González’s great race on Wednesday night in Fukuoka, when he achieved his second personal best to sneak fourth in the final of the 200 medley. He will swim it this afternoon starting at 2:03 p.m. (Teledeporte), and it will not be the only test in which he will have to participate. This very morning she has achieved the tenth best mark in the 200 backstroke and has also gotten into the semifinals. Both tests do not have a very wide margin (30 minutes), although the styles will swim first to look for that medal.

The swimmer, who has participated in the last heat with the favourites, has remained in the race all the time despite swimming through lane 1, always setting good rhythms, and has even managed to finish the test strong with a partial of 29.52 to make 1:57.99. The best time has been for the Australian Braddley Woodward with a time of 1:57.17. There have not been more than eight tenths in the top ten, in a semifinal that is presumed to be very open. Hugo González could pay for the fatigue of the final of the 200 styles, although in the Europeans in Budapest, in 2021, he was already able to win two medals in just 20 minutes.

Apart from Hugo, other Spaniards have participated in the morning session without much luck. Meritorious 18th position for a Jessica Vall who has swum in good times (2:26.88)but who has been only three tenths away from getting into another semifinal in the test in which he was bronze at the Kazan World Cups, in 2015. They have stayed further, in the 100 freestyle Carmen Weiler, who was 25th with 55.46, and Carles Coll in the men’s 200 breaststroke, finishing in 2:13.09 in 29th position. The cut was at 2:11.71.

The 4×200 freestyle relay was also launched, with rookie swimmers in these World Cups and very young ones. Spain finished fourteenth with a time of 8:03.62, Carla Carrión was the first with a time of 2:01.28. She was followed by the swimmer from CN Sant Andreu Ainhoa ​​Campabadal, with a time of 2:01.24. The third relay was for Alba Herrero, with 2:00.44, while Paula Juste from Ilerdense closed the participation, with 2:00.66.

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