On August 31, at 11:14 p.m., Valencia announced the hiring of Hugo Duro. By then, once his name had already sounded like a possible signing throughout the day, The hashtag #TocoEnHugoDuro was already TT in Spain. The phrase of the Movistar narrator Miguel Ángel Román in the famous Valencia-Getafe of the 2019 Cup was once again full of news and the player’s arrival at Valencia became an anecdote, In a strange twist of fate

Few would have predicted that day that, little more than a month later, Hugo Duro would have participated in all five games in which has been available for Bordalás, four of them as a starter. And not only that, even fewer would have bet because Duro had scored two goals in those duels, before two Champions as Real Madrid and Seville.

The one that was sure of your performance The immediate was José Bordalás. Among the names that were put on the table In the last days of the transfer market, the Alicante chose Hugo Duro’s. He was the one who had made him debut in First and also the one who put him on the left wing, just in the position in which he is now shining in Mestalla, when Hugo forever, even in his time at Real Madrid Castilla, I had played as a center forward.

Valencia Shield / Flag

No doubt Hugo Duro has become an untouchable from Bordalás. The coaching staff is delighted with their contribution and soon will pulverize his record of titles in First (6 in 2018-19). If this continues, in a few months Valencia will be in the position of deciding whether to execute the purchase option to take ownership of the footballer for about 4 million. The footballer has a contract until 2023 with Getafe and if Valencia does not buy him, he must return. Of course, then it would be a very desirable piece in the market.


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