Home Sports Hugo Duro accelerates historic sale at Valencia CF

Hugo Duro accelerates historic sale at Valencia CF

The striker to date is good enough to consider being ahead of a benchmark in the club to date

The Valencia CF It is going through a somewhat confusing situation in the preparation of its offensive system as it has shown certain shortcomings in specific points. One of them has to do with Maxi Gómez, who with the irruption of Hugo Duro He has had no other option than to start working from below, trying not to incite an exit that seems very likely.

And is that the ex of Getafe he has earned enough merits to establish himself in their ranks. The Uruguayan’s numbers have improved and as for the game, he does offer other things that are very well seen. What has made a little look away and put aside that roots with the charrúa that seemed endless.

Hugo Duro
Hugo Duro, the person in charge of the Valencia CF lift

Not only by numbers, but by integrity Hugo Duro has made things change at Valencia CF

The critical vision of a sector of the press in the country has turned to speak about it. They have no doubts that Hugo Duro has eaten Maxi’s toast, in fact they consider him more of a starter than the Uruguayan and a bargain that they should execute for value right now if possible. That leaves the South American out of context, who is still a highly judged player these days.

A total of 4 goals in just 570 minutes speak of his effectiveness when facing the goal. In fact, he is a player highly valued for his movements, and he has a tendency to play more with the team. He does not dedicate himself to finishing, but builds, lateralizes, defends and leads. The purchase offer is agreed at 4 million euros, enough to forget the Uruguayan and focus on him.

Regardless of the downturn, Maxi Gómez is the one chosen to leave Valencia

Disappointment is a very strong term to analyze the current situation of the footballer, but it is clear that there are many attached issues that require relevance. For 40 kilos they were willing to let him out earlier, although seeing his current situation it is believed that 30 is the most consistent figure. Maxi has in 743 minutes, much more than Hugo Duro, a single goal, which leaves him well below on average.

In addition, he is sought after by some teams in England and this is an old story. They will not wait for it to be further devalued and make mistakes like Ferran’s, or Rodrigo’s at the time. Everything remains focused on this, and this is the moment when everything is taking shape. We will see what comes out of the meetings of the sports management and the high command in the club.

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