Huge split of Iago Aspas with the positives in LaLiga

The worrying situation inside the Galician club due to Covid

The maximum reference of the RC Celta, Iago Aspas, analyzed the terrible situation in which his team finds itself, due to the high number of cases positive from Covid. After the short 5-day vacation, the Galician club players returned to work. There the contagion of 4 players was confirmed in the first place. Then the figure rose to 5, and finally there are 9 disabled footballers.

Although of the 9 cases, 4 are not yet fully confirmed, the figure of 5 footballers is still alarming, and more thinking about the game this Sunday against the Betis. At the moment Celta does not speak since he will wait for the tests PCR are 100% confirmed to make a decision. Meanwhile Coudet keep training with available players.

  Iago Positive Aspas
RC Celta has 5 positive cases, and 4 more are being analyzed, while Betis so far has 2 confirmed.

Beyond the concern for the new positives, Iago Aspas took it with humor

In these cases of extreme crisis, many people think that the emotional situation within the campus is very susceptible. However, Iago Aspas shows that even though you are living tense and difficult days, you have to take it easy. He was beyond calm as he took it with a lot of humor.

On his personal Twitter account, the player published a message with reference to the current health situation that his team is experiencing. “This day will be played by the children of the Brunete tournament” followed by two laughing emojis. Of course the attacker mentioned that because of the positives, Eduardo Coudet will not have players to line up for this Sunday’s commitment.

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Iago Aspas’ team is not the only one affected

The Celtic club is not the only one that presents positive cases of Covid. Precisely the next rival of the team led by Coudet, also has some infections. Although only 2 have been confirmed so far, it is feared that the figure could increase and even equal that of Celta. If so, not only the Galician team and the Sevillian would be in serious trouble, but a large part of LaLiga Santander.

In the case of Celta, the names of the 5 infected and the other 4 possible positives have not come to light. As for Betis, it is known that the two confirmed infections are those of Borja Iglesias and Andrés Guardado. The case is already beginning to attract the attention of the great LaLiga entities and even FIFA.

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