Huawei, which continues to feel the effects of the US veto, but that does not prevent the company from announcing news for next year.

In an interview with the Romanian newspaper Adevărul, Derek Yu da Huawei, revealed that the company plans to bring HarmonyOS to Europe in 2022.

Even though we’re already ending 2021, the Mate 50 series is still missing. The Huawei executive said that a new model would be launched in 2022, but did not clarify whether it would be launched outside China.

Huawei’s Mate X collapsible series first saw the light during MWC 2019, but unfortunately the arrival of the US veto meant that it didn’t go on sale as planned. Although, Huawei will announce a new collapsible Mate X series in 2022.

It’s good to see that Huawei doesn’t throw in the towel despite all the difficulties it has to access Google’s hardware and software components.


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