Huawei wants to compete (and surpass) in this segment with Apple and Xiaomi

The objective? Position Huawei among the best brands in wearable and best-selling laptops in the national market is one of the objectives of the new head of the brand in Portugal. At the same time, Chinese technology will not give up on its smartphones.

This is the manufacturer’s ambition for Portugal, reflected by the new general manager for the country, Jiandong. In fact, we will have a focus mainly on smart watches, fitness trackers, as well as wearables.

Huawei’s new address in Portugal

The new Country Head of CBG of Huawei Portugal, Jiandong, who recently arrived in Portugal, assumes that the Portuguese market is pioneering and strategic for Huawei.

In addition, the executive reveals that one of the main objectives is to lead the wearable and portable segment, as well as to continue offering high-quality experiences. At the same time, keep the focus on bringing innovation to consumers.


Huawei’s new strong man in Portugal has been part of the brand’s history for 11 years. In fact, Jiandong was responsible for running 50,000 Huawei stores in China for several years.

Most recently, in the last three years, he has held the highest position in the field of retail sales in Europe, taking on the role of Director of Retail at Western European (WEU).

Now, he arrives in Portugal, committing himself to accept a no less important challenge. He intends, in effect, to lead Huawei’s consumer area and place the brand at the head of the best-selling brands in one of the different business areas.

Continue to be one of the best-selling brands in Portugal

“Huawei continues to aspire to be a leader in all the product categories in which it is present. We know that the Portuguese value innovation, high-quality products, cutting-edge design, excellent after-sales service and a highly qualified professional team prepared for all present and future challenges”, highlights Jiandong.

“Our wearables are an example of a product capable of responding to all these needs. Offering not only functionality, but also a design that fits the day to day and compatibility with other operating systems (Android and iOS), always ensuring that the technology is adapted to the needs of consumers”, says Jiandong, Country Head of CBG at Huawei Portugal.

Conquer the wearables segment with the best innovation, design and features


Huawei is in second place in the ranking of wearables the best sellers in Portugal. In fact, having registered a growth of 25%, compared to last year. However, the goal is to be number one.

Right now, one in four people with a smartphone have a wearable device (wrist or audio) and Huawei predicts this ratio will be one to one soon. Something that represents an excellent growth opportunity in the category for the brand itself, which only last year registered a 30.3% increase in revenue from the sale of wearables and smart screens worldwide.

In Portugal, Huawei’s revenue from wearables grew by 22% year-on-year.

Smart bracelets and watches are crucial for Huawei in Portugal


In terms of effective sales, in the segment of devices for less than 150 euros, the New Huawei Fit watch Y active They are the most successful models. In practice, it has already registered more than 35 thousand units sold since its launch, in the summer of last year.

On the other hand, in the anterior segment, the H modelsuawei watch GT 2 Y GT3, they were also a bestseller in Portugal. More than 70 thousand units have been sold here since its launch. By the way, with the female option, in gold, which represents more than 60% of total sales of 42mm devices.

For women who always add a personal touch to their style, the #HUAWEIWATCHGT3Pro It is the perfect accessory for fashion lovers who are always ready to face the day with energy. Buy it now here:

— Huawei Mobile PT (@HuaweiMobilePT) May 23, 2022

In short, it is a value that gives Huawei even more confidence to now present a fully ceramic female model, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro 43 mm Ceramic, with a striking design and features that will help all users in their daily lives. . .

In Portugal more and more wearables are sought


In Portugal, Huawei explains that the trend towards the demand for wearables, that is, smart bracelets with value less than 50 eurosit is changing.

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Thus giving rise to the purchase of smart devices with more features and a more attractive design, with prices reaching 150 euros, a segment where the new Huawei Watch Fit 2 is positioned.

Above 150 euros, the trend is for rapid market growth. Segment where Huawei intends to position itself, also in a prominent place, by presenting a new proposal with the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro family.

In short, they are premium and sophisticated smartwatches that respond to the needs of Portuguese consumers, both focused on health and fitness.

Training will be easier with a #HUAWEIWATCHFIT2 on the wrist With a larger screen, 1.74″ full view and fitness workouts with audio, all you can focus on is your performance! Have you chosen your color yet?

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Over the years, Huawei smartwatches have managed to give consumers exactly what they were looking for. Factors like 24/7 data monitoring, premium yet comfortable design. This, plus a long-lasting battery for longer use without worry.

Without forgetting to follow a series of trainings (more than 100 in most cases) in a professional way. As for the future, and later this year, Huawei also plans to bring new wearable devices that aim to respond to the specific needs of consumers. As is the case with the Huawei Watch D, a smart watch that performs electrocardiograms, and a smart watch aimed at the youngest.

Huawei will launch new laptops and continue betting on smartphones


In addition to these categories, Huawei is preparing to launch its 16-inch notebook series in the Portuguese market. This is because the PC segment has also shown very interesting results in our market.

“In 2021, the back to school season marked a marked increase in our market share. In this period, Huawei managed to represent 10% of the PC segment in Portugal, which for us is an excellent result”, highlights the executive.

“If we think that 3 years ago, few people knew that Huawei had a PC category. 2022 is also a very important year in terms of laptops. This is because we will introduce our first 16-inch laptop”, says Jiandong, Country Head of CBG at Huawei Portugal.

the new model #HUAWEIMateBook14 with Intel processor has arrived! Enjoy a long battery life, which allows you to work continuously and remotely. Get it now until June 5 and receive as an offer the #HUAWEISoundJoy:

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In the smartphone segment, the Huawei nova 9 SE, which hit stores on April 8, has already carved out a niche for itself in Europe. Specially developed with the younger audience in mind, Huawei places Portugal among the top 3 countries in Western Europe that have sold the most Huawei nova 9 SE models so far.

In the ranking of the westernmost countries in Europe that sell the Huawei nova 9 SE, only Germany and Italy are ahead of Portugal.


“We will continue to invest in this business segment. Last week we announced that the Huawei Mate Xs2 should arrive in Germany from June and we are doing everything possible so that it will also be available in other European countries, including Portugal, soon, “says the executive.

“We believe that foldable smartphones are the future, which is why we have invested in innovation and in the search for the best design combined with the best user experience. Mate XS, Mate X2 and P50 Pocket have already demonstrated our ability in this field and the Mate XS 2 brings this technology up to date again”, concludes the new head of CBG at Huawei Portugal.

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