Huawei sets an event for October, will we have the Huawei P50 in Europe?

There is a new Huawei event officially confirmed that could bring us the new Huawei P50 smartphones to Europe. The anniversary will take place in Vienna on October 21. There we can see the global launch of these products.

We also remember that Huawei presented the P50 range about two months ago, more specifically at the end of July 2021, reaching the market in August, in China. However, we had no information about its possible availability in new markets and, more specifically, Portugal.

Huawei’s next event is scheduled for October 21 in Vienna

Huawei P50
Official confirmation of the next Huawei event for October 21 in Vienna.

Huawei has dropped considerably in the market mobile, but it is far from giving up the sector. Despite having retired to its country of origin, and even having left the Top 5 due to the advances of OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Apple, the manufacturer is still alive.

Their smartphones may not have the appeal of yesteryear, largely due to a lack of Google services, but there is (still) activity to be recorded with this once-second-ranked manufacturer in the global smartphone market. .

In fact, as first reported to Publication PhoneArena, the tech company has been sending out invitations to the press. By selecting selected international partners and publications, the Chinese manufacturer has already chosen Imperial Vienna for its next advertisement.

Huawei P50 may launch globally in October

Since this will be a global product launch event, the global launch of the Huawei P50 range of smartphones is practically certain. Currently, we still have the Huawei P40 in stores, announced in early 2020.

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In fact, in the invitation shown above, we can see the beveled profile of a smartphone with glass and metal present. Although there is no mention of a particular mobile device model, we do not have any new devices in the “Mate” line.

So, we are left with the Huawei P50 and its models and variants. In fact, it is in this terminal where Huawei’s greatest hopes are gathered, as well as the improvements and innovations developed during the last year.

The P50 and P50 Pro will finally be on their way to Europe

We remind you that Huawei smartphones now use HarmonyOS and not the “normal” Android as offered by Google. Also, Huawei mobile services (HMS) are used instead of Google mobile services (GMS).

Finally, we can wait for more details about this event, or the anniversary itself. Is this the rebirth of an excellent range of smartphones? Or perhaps consumers have gone to new ports? Only time will tell.

Would you use a Huawei smartphone without Google services?

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