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Huawei P60 Pro is the brand’s new hope and already leads DxOMark

Huawei has just unveiled in Munich, Germany, a series of new high-end devices with a strong focus on mobile photography. In particular we have the Huawei P60Prothe Huawei Mate X3 and the Huawei Watch Series, as well as the Huawei nova 11i.

The most captivating is indeed the Huawei P60 Pro, an Android smartphone without Google services that is already available in Portugal and represents the apex of technology developed by Chinese technology. The spotlight naturally turns to the camera, but there’s more to say!

Huawei P60 Pro reaffirms the union between photography and product design

Huawei P60Pro

The Huawei P Series is synonymous with photographic innovation and excellent design for more than 15 million users in Europe, with many years among consumers.

Now, thanks to technological advances in the field of mobile photography, the Huawei P Series has enabled many enthusiasts to enjoy a world-class photography experience over the years.

The new flagship inherits the legacy of Huawei’s P Series, both in terms of design and mobile image. By the way, the smartphone was to provide an innovative user experience. To do so, it features a completely upgraded optical system and is the first in the industry to be equipped with an ultra-bright telephoto camera with multiple lens groups.

Inspired by nature, the design of the P60 Pro is seductive

Inspired by nature, the Huawei P60 Pro reinterprets modern aesthetics, pioneering the use of pearl texture design. EITHER rococo pearl incorporates pearl powder on the back of the smartphone. Everything to create a luminous effect, which results in a unique natural texture.

Another differentiating feature is its durability, thanks to the new Quad-Curve screen. This protective layer is made with Huawei’s exclusive Kunlun Glass, which significantly increases consistency and resistance to drops.

Full emphasis was placed on the camera and the DxOMark score.

At the launch event, it was also announced that the Huawei P60 Pro received the highest score awarded by DXOMARK. By the way, it was rated the No. 1 smartphone with a record score of 156 points.

In summary, Huawei’s latest top of the range stood out for its overall performance and photographic features, currently being the most advanced photographic smartphone available on the market.

In summary, it is with this new bet, whose price we will know soon and whose characteristics we will also reveal shortly, with which the Chinese manufacturer wants to continue to be present in the market.

Indeed an ex-libris for photography, let’s never forget that a phone must be useful and pragmatic. Something that unfortunately remains doubtful (in the warmest of classifications) with Huawei smartphones.

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