Huawei Nova 11: the smartphone that will revolutionize the mid-range with this attribute

Huawei is now promoting the new P60 and Mate X3 smartphones, but it looks like more good news is to come.

Soon, the Chinese brand will launch the Nova 11 series that will revolutionize the mid-range by presenting itself with Kunlun glass and satellite communications.

Huawei Nova 11 brings premium attributes to the mid-range smartphone segment

Image of Huawei Nova 10
The Huawei Nova 10 was the first in the series to integrate a front camera with 60 megapixel resolution Credit@Huawei

Last week, Huawei launched several new features, including the new P60 and Mate XS smartphones, as well as the Ultimate smartwatch and the first earphones with sensors to monitor temperature and heart rate.

But the Chinese brand is already preparing another launch that will revolutionize the mid-range segment of smartphones. Coming soon will be the new Nova 11 series, featuring strong Kunlun glass and better yet equipped with satellite communications.

The information was disclosed by the Chinese leaker classmateguan, on the Weibo social network. The leaker says that the series is ready to be released, which should happen very soon, at least in the Chinese market.

Kunlun glass, according to Huawei, has a microcrystalline glass technology that takes the resistance of the material to another level, much more robust. This is the kind of attribute that is normally only present in premium smartphones, but it seems that Huawei intends to change that habit.

Satellite communications are also a typical feature of the best smartphones, but Huawei believes that the mid-range segment deserves these kinds of features as well and will later include them in the Nova 11 series.

According to previously disclosed information, the family of smartphones will present three new terminals: Nova 11, Nova 11 Pro and Nova 11 Ultra. But it is not clear if all these models will integrate satellite connectivity and Kunlun glass or only the most advanced smartphones.

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Other specifications expected in Huawei Nova 11

Other sources also say that the Nova 11 series will have a rather large primary sensor, in its rear camera setup. However, no one anticipates the size or resolution of this component.

Let’s remember that the Nova 10 series was the first to bring a 60-megapixel front sensor, so it is likely that the brand will continue to invest in providing this family with good photographic arguments.

The Nova 11 family is also expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. Exactly the same chosen for the P60 models, currently considered the most advanced models of the brand.

It seems that Huawei is really committed to bringing several premium attributes to the mid-range segment that has models at a more affordable price.

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