Huawei may launch smartphones with 5G chips before the end of the year

Huawei could launch 5G smartphones again before the end of the year after a ban on US technology sales decimated its consumer electronics business.

Huawei should be able to get 5G chips nationwide using your own innovations in semiconductor design tools along with chip manufacturing Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co (SMIC).

The sources who shared this information with Reuters They did so on condition of anonymity due to confidentiality agreements with clients.

A return to the 5G phone market it would be a victory for the company that has been in “survival” mode for nearly three years. Revenue from Huawei’s consumer business peaked at 483 billion yuan (60 billion euros) in 2020 before falling nearly 50% a year later.

The Shenzhen-based tech giant once competed with Apple and Samsung to be the world’s biggest handset maker until US restrictions from 2019 cut off its access to essential chip-making tools to produce its latest models. advanced.

US and European governments have labeled Huawei as a security risk, an accusation the company denies. Since then, Huawei has only sold a few 5G models using stock chips.

Added to this limitation is the impossibility of including Google services on their smartphones, which has left the company in a very difficult position in the western market.

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