Huawei: does the brand really want to resuscitate the D series, which preceded the Mate?

A very slight rumor says that Huawei wants to revive the D series. This series was originally dedicated to large smartphones. She gave birth to the Mate. The last model dates from 2017. The return of the D series would not, however, be the sign of the end of the Mate, a new model of which is expected in 2022.

Huawei Ascend D3, the latest member of the D series

A strange rumor emerged earlier this week. It concerns Huawei. And it obviously emanates from China. What does this rumor say? She says Huawei could give an old series of smartphones a chance again. This is the D series. According to rumors, Huawei could therefore redevelop this range, which previously included large smartphones.

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The D series is an older series, launched in 2012 by Huawei. She was then called Ascend D. The first model, Ascend D1, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in 2012, a few weeks after the first Ascend P1 was released at CES in the same year. The Ascend D series was a Huawei’s response to Samsung’s Galaxy Note. They also gave birth a few years later to the Mate, while the P range continued and went up in range.

If the Huawei series is resurrected, what will be its positioning?

the new positioning of the D series has not been specified by the source of this strange leak. Obviously, it will not replace the Mate series. First because the leaks, more credible, say that a Mate 50, delayed like the P50, will indeed come out. But in 2022. It would therefore be surprising for Huawei to remove the range soon after. Then the Mate “brand” is now well established. And it is synonymous with a very high-end smartphone.

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If the D series does not replace the Mate series, what will be its positioning? Hard to say. Huawei’s catalog is rather well structured, with the Mate and P on the high-end, the Nova on the mid-range and the Enjoy and the Y on the entry-level. The arrival of a new range, without removing another, seems surprising. Especially since Huawei is no longer in a position to extend its offer. Recall that the brand’s turnover in the first half of 2021 was at its lowest. Should we simply believe this rumor? We have serious doubts, even if nothing is really impossible.

Source: Huawei Central

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