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Huawei Band 8 arrives with autonomy of up to 14 days

Today, at its conference, Huawei also unveiled the new Band 8 that comes packed with health features.

The new wearable provides autonomy of up to 14 days, and with just five minutes of charging allows the Band 8 to work two days in a row.

Huawei Band 8 arrives with improved health features

Image of the different models of Huawei Band 8

Although the focus has been on the new Nova 11 series of smartphones, today at its conference, Huawei also introduced a new wearable that comes with a strong focus on health.

The new Band 8 comes with improved TruSleep 3.0 sleep monitoring technology, which is now 10% more accurate than previous generations. The algorithm now provides users with professional sleep advice and provides access to the new “smart sleep improvement plan”.


This plan is the result of a partnership between Huawei and the China Sleep Research Association and provides a systematic and personalized interpretation of users’ sleep, as well as ways to improve the quality of rest for all those who suffer from sleep disorders.

Heart rate monitoring has also been improved and now offers a resting heart rate function from the last seven days. In addition, it is also prepared to test blood oxygen levels, female health, and even stress levels.

5 minute quick charge gives you two days of battery life


The Huawei Band 8 arrives with autonomy of up to 14 days. But built-in fast charging means a five-minute charge will power the wearable for two days straight.

Another novelty is that by sliding the home screen to the right, users can access information such as flight schedules, trains and hotel information.

Furthermore, the model only weighs 14 grams and comes with a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 368×194 pixels.

As of April 26, Band 8 will be available for purchase in the Chinese market for a price starting at 269 yuan, that is, approximately 35 euros.

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