THE huawei presented its new smartband in Milan, or smart band from the Chinese brand with captivating features. In fact, the huawei band 7 is capable of active health management and guarantees a 14 days of battery life.

The best of all? The Huawei Band 7 is the brand’s thinnest smartband (9.99 mm) to date, priced at approximately €69.99. Plus, it has a larger screen and even more comprehensive health monitoring features.

This is the new (and thin) smartband Huawei Band 7

We were captivated by the colors and ultra-thin design of the #HUAWEIBand7. A band for true athletes that offers 96 sports modes to choose from. What is your favorite function?

— Huawei Mobile PT (@HuaweiMobilePT) May 18, 2022

Just like Huawei’s latest smart band, it only has 9.99mm thick and 16 grams of weight (with bracelet). Something that users will hardly feel when they use it, whether it is sleeping, working or exercising.

It is a companion designed to create a complete exercise and wellness experience. Always with the goal of helping users discover new ways to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The new Huawei Band 7 arrives in Portugal this summer for €69.99

huawei band 7

First we highlight the screen 1.47 inch full view for a quality user experience. Indeed, the new Huawei Band 7 is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing smartband.

In this regard, it is equipped with a color screen. AMOLED with a screen-to-body ratio of 64.88% and a resolution of 194×368 pixels In addition, it has an improved design, providing users with a more pleasant visual experience.

The ultra-thin bezel allows for a wider field of vision, and the 2.5D curved glass screen makes the screen appear fuller. That is, offering a high definition visual experience.

Huawei Band 7 is 9.99mm thick

Through the extremely compact structure and the application of glass fiber reinforced polymer, Huawei Band 7 is Huawei’s slimmest device in the field of fitness monitoring. It has a thickness of only 9.99mm.

The lightweight, curved design fits snugly on the wrist and weighs only 16 gramsgiving users an even more comfortable user experience.

The best of all? It will be available in Black, Pink, Green and Red, to match the style of each user.

Comprehensive monitoring and active health management

huawei band 7

One of Huawei’s strengths is health monitoring, which is actually one of the main functions of this type of smartband. Therefore, Huawei Band 7 has advanced health monitoring functions and can guide and help users develop healthier lifestyle habits.

Among its capabilities we highlight sleep monitoring, SpO2, stress, menstrual cycle and monitoring of heart health. By the way, to monitor sleep, it is compatible with Huawei technology TruSleep™that can assess the quality of sleep without disturbing the rest of the user.

The bracelet can accurately identify six types of typical sleep problems, namely: one – Difficulty getting to sleep, two- light sleep, 3- wake up during the night, 4- wake up too early, 5- vivid dreams and (6-) irregular sleep schedules. Next, he provides a series of tips so that users can have a more restful night.

Huawei bracelet also monitors SpO2

The Huawei Band 7 is also equipped with Huawei TruRelax™, which monitors the stress of users throughout the day. Whenever the pressure reaches too high levels, the device issues an alert advising the user to perform breathing exercises to release stress and tension.

In addition, the band also monitors the SpO2 throughout the day, allowing you to set automatic low blood oxygen reminders.

As for heart monitoring, this device has heart rate monitoring technology, the Huawei TruSeen 4.0. The platform that monitors the user’s heart rate continuously, quickly and accurately.

In addition to monitoring and researching health issues, the Huawei Band 7 has the option of Healthy Life Management. It is a hub capable of providing personalized health management by setting various daily goals, such as steps, water intake or minutes of physical exercise.

We have a smarter experience with a battery that lasts up to 14 days

huawei band 7

In short, Huawei Band 7 offers improved training tracking functionality, providing a total of 96 training modes. This includes running, biking, swimming, jumping rope, and rollerblading.

No matter what sports they’re interested in, this device is ready to help users overcome any challenge.

In a typical scenario, the Huawei Band 7 offers an autonomy of up to 14 days. Something that ensures that users can wear it all day continuously and monitor various body indicators in real time, even when sleeping.

In addition, Huawei Band 7 supports functions of music control, remote shutter, reminders (text messages, emails, social applications).

It also features weather, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, flashlight, ‘find my phone’ functionality, as well as quick response to provide a smarter and more convenient experience.


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