It seems that AMD is almost done with new processors after the Ryzen 5000 generation. The new product lines go by the code names Rembrandt and Raphael. It’s unclear when exactly they’ll appear on the market, but if it’s up to HP, this will happen relatively quickly. The manufacturer has an all-in-one desktop. be on your website where you can choose from an ‘AMD Ryzen 7000 series’ processor. That’s what the tweeter has momomo discover.

It’s unclear what exactly these chips are, but desktop computers should be revealed soon. If we pay attention to the compact design, it will probably be a Rembrandt APU or a lower-power Ryzen 7000 CPU. It is striking that the Ryzen 7000 is specifically mentioned, while the Ryzen 6000 series does not exist yet. AMD has also bypassed the Ryzen 4000 naming convention for the desktop market, this may also be chosen for the desktop market. processors of this system. However, you may be wondering why AMD would choose this.

Momomo (Twitter), HP


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