Home Sports How will Tottenham Hotspur play with Antonio Conte?

How will Tottenham Hotspur play with Antonio Conte?

How will Tottenham Hotspur play with Antonio Conte?

It was an open secret and it was confirmed. Antonio Conte returns to the benches and the Premier League to lead Tottenham Hotspur, a club that tried to be signed in the summer before hiring Nuno Espírito Santo due to the hiring of Fabio Paratici, current sports director of the North London team and who worked with his compatriot at Juventus in Turin.

Conte is a coach who leaves few doubts at the work level. He is one of the best coaches in the world and one of the few who offer guarantees / results from the first moment, demonstrating it in complicated clubs such as Juventus of Turin, Chelsea and Inter of Milan, despite continuing to have the thorn in the UEFA Champions League in each of your projects.

He offers impressive continuity, to the point where he always competes for league titles over cupbearers, beyond certain moments when he was unable to do so.

How do Antonio Conte’s teams play?

The Italian has a very marked way of playing, to the point of adapting his players to his model so that they can take a leap in quality and discarding those who do not have a natural fit. Bet blindly on the system of three centrals, either with two shuttlecocks with ends or with a trivot plus a double tip.

Their teams stand out for their ability to start from the bottom under pressure, always adapting to what the rival proposes in their phase without the ball, and with a lot of participation from their lanes, who are responsible for making a difference on the flanks, either by offering depth and breadth in offensive phases protected by the three-center system.

On the other hand, whatever the game system, he likes to bet on a center forward with a good back game and with the ability to offer solutions in direct play, offering one more variant in the face of rival pressures. At the same time, he likes to have a second or two midfielders who offer mobility both to do damage between the lines and to get away from the depth to take advantage of the forward’s dragging movements.

Conte bets on the presence of a positional midfielder with a good foot to get the ball from the bottom accompanied by a base inside and a more arriving one, which can be adapted with the game system.

Although the system will dictate the variants that it will have at the individual level, there is no doubt that Antonio Conte’s football does not change. It is a team that seeks to propose with the ball and put pressure on the rival’s field, but that can adapt to the different moments of the game and to its rivals. His teams always compete because he is true to his idea.


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