How was it that Mohammad Hafeez was appointed Professor, who gave him this nickname? Open secret in conversation with abp

Former Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Hafeez is known as a teacher in the cricket world. Have you ever wondered why Mohammad Hafeez is called a teacher? Professor Mohammad Hafeez himself has given the answer to this question to ABP. Actually, Mohammad Hafeez is playing League of Legends cricket in Doha, the capital of Qatar. During this, he was taken for an exclusive interview on ABP, in which he talked about many topics and told a funny story called ‘Professor’.

ABP asked Mohammad Hafeez how did he actually get the nickname Professor and who gave it to him? Did he Teach in some university? To this question, Hafeez replied with a laugh and said no, I didn’t teach at any university. This name is derived from the dressing room. When we used to come to the dressing room after playing matches, he used to talk about learning and understanding more about the nuances of cricket. Due to this everyone started calling me Professor and once again while he was commentating the match live Rameez Raja mentioned this on air. Then from there this spread all over the world and if the fans liked this then you should be happy with whatever the fans like. So I am very happy with this kindness of mine.

Mohammad Hafeez has scored 3652 runs and 53 wickets in 55 matches for Pakistan, 6114 runs and 139 wickets in 218 ODIs and 2514 runs and 61 wickets in 119 T20 matches. Hafeez was also recently seen playing in the Pakistan Super League and now plays for the Lions of Asia in League of Legends cricket. In the second league match with India Maharajas, Robin Uthappa reminded Hafeez of the old days by hitting three sixes on three consecutive balls.

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