How to successfully sell your products on marketplaces

In recent years the Marketplaces They have become the epicenter of e-commerce, offering consumers access to a wide range of products and services. For this Marketplaces are expected to generate around 40% of global sales by 2024 Given these forecasts, the question for retailers is changing from “if” to “how” they will operate and successfully sell their products on marketplaces.

In this context the Product data and automation They are two key factors for a company’s success in the markets. In this sense it is Product data feeds play a crucial roleBecause it is important not only to have high quality images that meet the needs of the market, but also titles, product descriptions and bullet points.

Regarding the The most common mistakes We could mention that sellers get involved in marketplaces Lack of a sustainable market strategy and secondly, that the Importance of data qualityTherefore, it is important to have well-maintained data sets.

The connection can be done very easily thanks to the so-called integrators, such as Channel Pilot Proa platform that enables the integration and automation of product catalogs in more than 2,500 channels, including well-known marketplaces such as PcComponentes, Zalando, TradeInn or Amazon. You can exchange data via API via Channel Pilot Pro or plugin for Prestashop, Shopify, etc., so that not only the product catalog is exported, but also prices and stock levels are regularly updated and all order management is automated.

Aside from that, It also offers many other possibilities for data manipulation When working with formulas, there are no limits to the possibilities with filters and data fields. Image sequences and category-specific attributes can be customized, and it is also possible to exclude product groups that are not intended to be published on the marketplace or can no longer be exported due to inventory or price.

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The features offered by this platform include: Product data optimizationIntegration of price comparison sites and affiliate networks, KPI-based performance strategies, Market price analysisdynamic real-time pricing, Google Local Inventory ads, connection with suppliers as well as the SEA campaign automation.

3 tips to be successful in the markets

Here we will show you three important tips that you should keep in mind to be successful in the marketplace business:

  1. Establish a strategy to sensibly sell your products on the most appropriate marketplaces, depending on the case.
  2. Use intelligent tools that optimize your performance and resources.
  3. And prepare the data so that it meets the requirements of all marketplaces.

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