How to sell through customer service?

Ecommerce sales grow every year and, for this reason, it is necessary to improve the way of managing communications with potential customers and offer them a bonus when they arrive at our website.

Customer service as we knew it no longer exists, it has evolved and has become a sales team. It is no longer enough to answer queries about the status of orders or solve specific doubts. The quality of service we provide can generate more or less sales.

Oct8ne, the only chat on the market with visual support, makes it possible to meet the objective and offer an innovative experience thanks to its co-viewer, a screen through which audiovisual content can be shared both on the client and agent sides. In this way, you will be able to suggest products in real time by showing details, zooming and replicating the experience of your physical store.

In addition, you will have the possibility to configure your chatbot in simple steps with the Drag & Drop module system, so that your visual customer service is available 24/7.

According to him “2022 e-commerce study” developed by iab spain Y commendgood customer service is the third most relevant aspect of a website -after competitive prices and product quality-.

From Oct8ne they assure that in addition to being an important variable, a much higher conversion is generated when products are shown and innovative attention is provided: helping users to find what they are looking for, providing information about products or services, or, proactively, making recommendations based on tastes and preferences. In short, the secret is to replicate, within all possibilities, the physical shopping experience in the online environment.

The realone of the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturers, implemented the Oct8ne chat in several of its brands since 2017, but this personal care giant places great importance on treating its customers, so they decided to go a step further. later.

Having a presence in several beauty e-retailers throughout Spain, they configured the Oct8ne chat also in those marketplaces so that, if a customer needs information about a product from the L’Oréal family, one of their “beauty advisors” -agents specialized members of the team – can attend to the client just as they would in a physical store.


Texturea reference in home decoration since 1979, for its part, has also taken advantage of the use of Oct8ne’s visual support, showing an average of 4.5 products in each session, increasing conversion to 23.60%.

Secondly, 99firms states that the public between 18 and 49 years prefers to be served by a livechat or chatbot, and spend, on average, 60% more than when they are served by other means.

A very important point of customer service in ecommerce is to be able to provide 24/7 and multichannel assistance, since virtual businesses do not close their shutters at any time of the day.

For this reason, it is necessary to be able to have a chatbot that can respond to the basic queries that customers make and, in case of having more complex questions, can be referred to a human agent as soon as it is available.

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The livechat + chatbot combination is the key to the success of all ecommerce. In this way you will be able to provide the attention that your clients need and satisfy their needs.

An example is that of the renowned footwear firm Castaner, who implemented a strategy that combines both technologies because their agents did not respond to all the queries they received. For this reason, they configured a chatbot that is in charge of dealing with the contacts in the first instance, acting as a filter, and in case of needing specialized attention, it is referred to a human agent.

Spanish Castaner

The results show that being available every day of the year, at all times, increases the number of inquiries, which also translates into more sales.

But… here comes an interesting question: is it possible to 100% replicate the physical experience in the digital world? Well, it depends on the advanced functionalities that your chat has.

For example: have you ever entered a store where you didn’t plan to buy anything until you were told that there was a 25% discount on two products? This type of “proactive” contact, which is made depending on the behavior of buyers, can be done digitally thanks to Oct8ne’s triggers.

How? As simple as defining the condition by which the message will be activated: when a customer spends a certain amount of time in the store, when they fill their cart with two or more products or when you think it is more correct.

To put numbers to the use of this functionality, just look at the case of Tottomanufacturer of handbags worldwide.

Spanish Totto 2

The success of the use of triggers to communicate with potential customers at the right time is evident, so that later, once the conversation has started, we can guide the customer to what they are looking for and make the purchase.

And… speaking of helping and guiding the customer, it is worth highlighting another of Oct8ne’s functionalities that also allows another feature of face-to-face sales to be replicated: product suggestions.

To explain it better, we can present the case of the toy store Drimwho, when configuring their sales catalog in the chatbot, added the “Product Search” option so that the customer can write keywords about what they are looking for and the robot returns a selection that matches and meets the customer’s needs.

Taking into account the points detailed above -and all those that were left out of this article-, it is clear that the differences between physical and online attention depend on the functionalities that you have implemented in your ecommerce, and, the more similar it is to the purchase in a physical store, better results will be achieved.

If you want to turn your customer service into a sales team and increase the sales of your business, activate your Free trial by Oct8ne.

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