How to request that a child’s image be removed from Google results

Google announced that minors (or their parents or guardians) may request that their photos be removed from image searches.

Google announced it would do this in August, but now there is a way to request it.

Certain malicious people can steal images to create fake identities online or for other unauthorized uses.

Google notes that it doesn’t control the sites where the actual images are hosted, which makes it removing an image from the search results is different from removing it entirely from the Internet.

If you are a minor, a parent or legal guardian of a minor or an “authorized representative”, you can ask Google to exclude images from minors. in the search results by accessing the Request form to remove your personal information from Google.

The information you will need to provide will be the image URL (not the website URL), the search results page URL (the Google URL), and the search terms that you know will return the image as a Result.

You will also need to provide other details such as your identification and contact information and, if desired, a screenshot.

Once submitted, stay tuned for email communications from Google as they may request more information.

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