How to reduce the rate of inflation in the country? Russian President Putin said

Moscow: Last month, the inflation rate in Russia reached 17.8%, due to which public circles were strongly condemning it.

Annual inflation was projected to reach 23 percent this year, according to the central bank, a two-decade record increase in inflation, sources said, due to Western sanctions over Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine.

According to details, Russian President Vladimir Putin, referring to the year-on-year rate of the consumer price index during a meeting on economic affairs, said that the inflation rate in Russia is decreasing and fell to 13.5 percent last week. has gone

In the meeting, President Putin also spoke about the rate of inflation across Europe, which has been rising continuously for the past few months.

Citing official figures for September last month, the Russian president said that across continental Europe the euro zone was 10%, Germany 10.9%, the Netherlands 17.1%, Latvia 22.4%, Lithuania 22.5%, and Estonia 24.2%. Prices are rising due to other rising energy costs.

It should be remembered that in the background of Western sanctions, inflation started to increase in Russia at the end of February this year, which reached 17.83% in April.

As Russia’s economy begins to recover and trade continues to pick up, the ruble has stabilized at multi-year highs against major currencies, according to official Russian data.

Due to this, the inflation rate in Russia also started to decrease and till September 26, the inflation rate in Russia decreased to 13.71%.

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