How to plant herbs at home

Planting herbs is a very pleasant and simple task, as long as we know some information about the ideal time to make them germinate. In many cases, aromatics can be part of the garden project, providing beauty and economy for the family.

Among the many aromatics that we know, some can be sown throughout the year, while others prefer a certain time to achieve good development.

We tell you everything about each of these species that bring flavor and medicine to our homes.

At any time of the year


It is a very popular fresh aromatic in the kitchen. It is an annual plant that you will have to sow every year, although in many cases, if you are comfortable with the location, it will replant itself. There are varieties to sow in any month of the year and with leaves soft any curly.


It is also very useful, with the advantage of being able to be planted in any month of the year. It is a shrubby species that will grow in size in your garden. Find a sunny spot for its best development. One of its uses is to tone the body and prevent hair loss.

Sow herbs in autumn


Its leaves are used as decoration in salads, giving a special aroma and a fresh appearance. It is a bulb of the same family as the onion, but softer. The ideal months for planting are summer.


If you suffer from anxiety disorders or the stress of everyday life afflicts you, taking an infusion of valerian will calm your nerves. Ideal for sowing in autumn. Its flowers are also very attractive.


Used to flavor all types of dishes and with medicinal properties related to the treatment of respiratory tract diseases, it is a perennial plant with rather creeping growth or little bush depending on its variety. Thyme, a plant of Mediterranean origin, can be sown in autumn or spring.

Sow herbs in spring


Of Mediterranean origin, known for its wide use in Italian cuisine, basil can be grown in the warm spring months. It needs at least 20°C to germinate. It is another annual species that tends to self-seed in your garden. It attracts many bees with its small white flowers.


Due to its high beta-carotene content, it brings beauty and health to your skin. In addition to its medicinal uses, such as for headaches or the preparation of syrups, it brings freshness to salads in the hot months. It is ideal to sow in spring.


This aromatic has an exquisite lemon scent. It is widely used for the prevention and cure of digestive problems. Its planting months are spring.


It is one of the most popular shrub-growing aromatics. Its flowers are used to decorate because of their beautiful color, in addition to their aroma, they give freshness to the environment and help to relax and repel insects. Within its medicinal uses, lavender oil helps reduce pain caused by arthritis, insomnia and stress. The ideal planting months are spring.

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This subtle herb that grows in very dry soils is taken as an infusion to help calm the nerves of anxious people and soothe an upset stomach. Spring is the ideal season to sow this aromatic plant.


This aromatic creeper from moist soils is well known for its properties to soothe the respiratory tract and digestive disorders. It can be sown in the spring months. We can also find the variety pennyroyalwhich is mainly used as a condiment to food to give it a more pleasant taste.


It has a very pleasant aroma, ideal for use in all types of dishes. It may help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. It is also recommended for colds. It can lower blood pressure, so it is not recommended for people with this predisposition. The ideal months to plant this aromatic are spring.


This aromatic has multiple uses. mainly culinary, to give meals a pleasant taste and a unique aroma. Among its best-known medicinal uses, its antiparasitic and immune system stimulant properties stand out. It is also slightly analgesic, reduces the discomfort caused by the menstrual period, is digestive and prevents cholesterol because it helps to purify the blood. We can sow from winter to spring weekends.

Sowing herbs in summer


Also known as lemon balm, it is used to relieve headaches. Also, in various parts of the world it is used to help alleviate the discomfort of chickenpox by taking it in a milky drink. But its main use is to relieve heart disease and anxiety. There is a very popular liqueur, Carmelitas Descalços, which uses lemon balm as the main ingredient. It can be sown during the spring and summer months.


It has wide medicinal and culinary uses. In recent years, it has been used as a seasoning for Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas dinners for its pleasant sweet and tangy flavor. It can be sown both in spring and summer. The medicinal uses are related to its contribution of estrogens in the premenopausal phase.

Although there are aromatic varieties that can be sown in any month of the year, it is not advisable to sow them in the winter season. Well, low temperatures can cause plant stress and leaf necrosis. If you still want to try, then you should protect the crops in a greenhouse.


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