How to optimize your cookie banner and collect more data

Users spend more and more time on the Internet and share a large amount of private data through the network, either making transactions or registering to websites. This has caused Internet users are taking their privacy and the protection of their data more and more seriously personal information on the web pages they use. A trend that will continue to grow in 2023.

Since 2016, when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was launched, we have seen how websites are flooded with banners in which Internet users have to accept the privacy policies of the websites. Initially, most selected the option “Accept all cookies”, however, this has changed over time and it is increasingly difficult to get users to select this option. People have become more suspicious when offering their information.

Flat 101In collaboration with Googlehas carried out a study with the objective of assess privacy awareness and cookie consent in Spain. As well as knowing what are the best practices for optimize a banner cookies and collect more information.

In the first part of the study the conclusions were that eThe average acceptance rate of the Spanish cookie banner is 81%. However, it was also reflected that 20% reject the selection of cookies from the beginning and about 35% click on configure beforehand to find out more information about them. Therefore, we could say that the Spanish users tend to accept cookies mechanicallyalthough they would prefer not to.

However, the most interesting thing that the study revealed was that there are a series of inefficiencies in the usability and text of cookies that cause users to reject them. For this reason, Flat 101 carried out a series of tests to find out what are the best practices in the cookie banner; They managed to go from an acceptance rate of their cookie banner of 76% to 90%.

4 Ways to Optimize Cookie Banner Text

Educate users on privacy and cookies

The Spanish population fails with an average score of 3.8 out of 10 when asked for basic knowledge about cookies. Therefore, only 24% of the population knows how to correctly answer the question “what are cookies?”. Cookies are files that websites create. Its purpose is to save user preferences to improve their online experience.

In the cookie banner it is important to help Spanish users understand what they are about. In this way, they increase their knowledge on the subject so that they feel safe when placing their trust.

For this, Flat101 advises that cookies be explained with a simple text and with a close tone that generate trust, favoring acceptance.

Review and implement updates

Keeping our privacy policy updated is essential to generate that extra security for the user. For this reason, before beginning the design process, it is necessary to check what are the standards that must be met.

It is also essential to periodically review if there are any changes in the regulations to always be as up-to-date as possible.

Work on improving those aspects of the web surrounding the modal that may interfere with acceptance

Working on the image that we transmit to users is always important, and on the cookie banner it is no less important. The visual image of the banner has to be taken care of and also paying attention to other aspects such as SEO positioning.

Develop a measurement strategy in line with business objectives

Improving the acceptance rate of the cookie policy also allows more data to be collected. This will help companies to develop a specific measurement strategy according to their particular business objectives and their own privacy and cookie policy and acceptance rate.

Finally, to point out some of the things that you can start to implement in your cookie banner:

  • Banner centered and with an adequate text size.
  • Simple text and close tone.
  • Configuration options included in the CTAs
  • explicit CTAs
  • Technical cookies without selector with explanation
  • Checkout type selectors
  • Selection of cookies disabled by default
  • Clear CTAs without contradictions

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