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How to measure income and sales of your ecommerce

There are many businesses that are entering the online channel, either to obtain greater profits or to generate more traffic. However, to know how much income, sales, traffic, etc., you will only have to enable the tool of Google Analytics. Do you want to know how to do it and get the most out of your ecommerce? Keep reading to inform yourself with ‘hair and signs‘.

The “Google Analytics” tool offers the possibility of being able to increase your sales and strengthen your online business. You can check several options:

  1. Products: the total number of products sold and those that stand out in billing.
  2. transactions: income generated, average billing per transaction and shipping costs.
  3. Shipping time: number of days and visits made before finalizing the purchase.

How to activate the e-commerce option

As mentioned above, the first thing you should do when entering the world of ecommerce is install the Google Analytics function on your platform. To do this, you have to follow 6 steps:

  1. Install Google Analytics in your ecommerce. Once installed and registered, the next step will be to click on the option “Manage”.
  2. Then select “View” and choose the option “E-Commerce Setup”.
  3. Activate the tools electronic commerce and of improved reports.
  4. Once this is done, configure the steps of the conversion funnel generating two labels:
  • Shipping and billing information
  • Shipping and payment methods
  1. press “Keep”

Have you come this far? Great, you now have the eCommerce module installed on your platform. But don’t go yet. Surely you have asked yourself, how do I now to be able to view e-commerce data and know how my business is doing? Do not be alarmed, we will explain it to you below.

How to visualize the data

In order to access all the data, you will have to go to “conversions”, located on the left side of the screen. Then click “Electronic Commerce”. Once inside, you will be able to carefully observe the most specific data, such as:

  • Product Performance:

Tricks to generate traffic and sell more in your ecommerce

Another issue that many ecommerces are made is: “How can I generate traffic and sell more?” For generate more traffic you have to focus mainly on the esthetic of the platform. The SEO next to the social media They are also very important tools. This is linked to the question of how to sell more. Namely, if you manage to bring new users, this way you will be able to sell more. If you want more information about how to generate more traffic, click here. On the other hand, if you want more specific information about how to sell more in your ecommerceclick here.

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