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How to make his first tax return, the boss of Dassault Systèmes hits the jackpot… The eco flash of the day

The figure of the day: from 44 to 60 million euros. This is the range of remuneration affected by the general manager of Dassault Systèmes, Bernard Charlès, in 2021. Almost as much as Carlos Tavares, and his 66 million euros, currently at the heart of the controversy. As for the boss of Stellantis (ex-PSA and Fiat Chrysler), most of this jackpot comes from the allocation of free shares: in total, 1.5 million shares valued at 56.6 million euros, Monday May 9 in the evening. A drop of water in an ocean of actions, since these bonuses have been in place since 2005. On that date, the share price was limited to 4 euros. And over the years, the number of titles offered has been maintained. This has therefore enabled Bernard Charlès to garner no less than 25.5 million shares, for a valuation at the current price of nearly one billion euros.

The rant of the day risk of being pushed by savers looking for an alternative to the Livret A. While its rate remained stuck at 1% on May 1, it is very difficult to find a more profitable booklet. Even the now very badly named “super booklets” hardly support the comparison. Including the best current offer on the market, the Livret Distingo from PSA Banque. For any first opening until June 30, this product serves a “boosted” rate of 3% for three months, then 0.70%. That is an annual return of 1.275%. Problem, these investments are taxed, and even a non-taxable taxpayer will ultimately only receive 1.05%. Far from the 2% that the Livret A should offer from August 1, and especially from inflation, at 4.8% in April, and probably at 5.2% in May and 5.4% in June, according to INSEE…

Practical information Capital concerns young adult taxpayers detached from the tax household of their parents and who are filing their tax return for the first time. Two solutions are available to them: declare their income online after having created a personal account on impots.gouv or, if this is not possible, fill in a paper form by hand. The main thing is not to forget to mention the income received last year. Young taxpayers must also respect the deadline, which varies according to place of residence. Moreover, even if the income is modest or even non-existent, completing your declaration is not superfluous. This allows you to obtain your tax notice, a very useful document for certain procedures in daily life, such as renting an apartment or applying for a social benefit. More details on our website.

And we end with advertising that could be coming to Netflix in the coming months. According to a memo from the company sent to its employees, Netflix could launch its low-cost advertising subscription by the end of 2022, a faster schedule than initially expected. Reed Hastings, the co-CEO of Netflix, had already mentioned it last April, after the publication of the results of Netflix for the first quarter of 2022. But it was then an almost remote possibility. He had said very vaguely: “We will try to find a solution over the next year or two” about a subscription offer with advertising that would be offered to garner new subscribers, and increase Company revenue slowed down for several months. But it seems that this offer with advertising is indeed taking shape… and much sooner than expected. According to the note sent in May to the employees of the company, that the New York Times was able to consult, the subscription formula with advertising will be offered from the end of the year, during the last three months of 2022. More details in our article.

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