How to integrate Wonder Woman into the new DCU?

This is news that today has the effect of a bomb: Against all odds GalGadot declares to HollywoodReporter The Peter Saffron and James Gunn had given the green light to start building one wonder woman 3. The Amazon will therefore not be sacrificed on the altar of the total restart of the universe, but will have a place in the new adventures of the heroes. direct current. On the contrary, it’s hard to imagine a place for it Flash fromEzra Miller Given the film’s overall success at the worldwide box office with Global sales of $268 million.

Vicinity HollywoodReporter, GalGadot declared with great fanfare: I love to embody wonder woman. It’s so close to my heart and very close to my heart. From what I’ve heard from James and Peter, we’re going to develop one wonder woman 3 together. »

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

No one currently knows if the reboot will take place in an alternate universe – which is still very likely. exit Ben Affleck And Henry CavillTHE Superman: Legacy from James Gunny will see David Corenswet Become the new man of steel and comedian in the role of Batman Batman: The Brave and the Brave is yet unknown. Superman: Legacy will contain several heroes from direct currentof which the Green Lantern Notice Guy Gardner, Mr Terrific, Hawkgirl and Metamorpho. There is no doubt that a presence of GalGadot could also be current to officially include it in the universe.

Different possibility: the arrival ” of’Amazon for his people’s spin-off HBO Maxjustified paradise lost. Except that the series wants to focus on the Amazon adventures before the birth of Diana. A reference to it, however, might suffice to indicate his future arrival in the new DCU’s.

In any case, there will be Wonder Woman 3, albeit without Patty Jenkins, who was ousted due to deep creative differences. The project has no release date yet.

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