How to get rid of Harub? Saudi officials explained

Saudi officials have clarified the procedure for termination of Hurob. In order to terminate Hurob, the foreign worker should contact his sponsor so that he can cancel Hurob from Abshar or Muqim portal within 2 weeks.

Regarding the cancellation of Haroub, a person asked the Saudi authorities that his brother’s sponsor had installed a probe and was no longer answering the phone. What should be done now?

Saudi officials have made it clear that sponsors sometimes file a false affidavit, which should be immediately contacted by the Labor Office, and that there is a “Diwan-ul-Mazalim” in the judicial system where an appeal is lodged against a false affidavit. Can go

After filing a petition in the Dewan-e-Mazalam, the plaintiff has to prove that a wrong file has been filed against him.

What is Harub?

It is a serious offense under the Saudi Ministry of Labor law to have a ‘Hurob’ file. Hurob means that a foreign employee has run away from his sponsor and is working elsewhere illegally.

The Ministry of Labor says that the person against whom Hurob is found should be removed within 15 days, otherwise it becomes very difficult to get rid of Hurob and the person against whom Hurob is found is severely punished.

It becomes difficult to cancel Hurob two weeks after the file is filed, while Hroob can be canceled within two weeks, all of which can be done through the sponsor’s Abshar or resident portal.

If the period expires, the file, residence, bank account of the foreign employee in the office of the Ministry of Labor is subsequently confiscated.

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