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How to Double Your Bitcoins and Altcoins During a Bullish or Bearish Trend?

Since the advent of digital currencies, the cryptocurrency market has seen many upward and downward fluctuations. This volatility has led many experts to think of ways and means to maximize the chances of making profits in this volatile environment.

Based on this observation, tokens like RBIS have been designed to provide better coverage against falling prices. It must be said that this crypto originating in ArbiSmart project can generate profits of up to 45% per year. It is currently worth more than 629% and experts have established its growth at 2000% in this interval 2021.

Your Crypto Will Keep Its Value

In order to protect your investment from the instability of the cryptocurrency market, Abismart has developed new features:

Indeed, the crypto realizes automated cryptocurrency arbitrage. This is an investment strategy that involves taking advantage of small opportunities when a token is available on certain transactions at an assortment of different prices. The AbiSmart network is linked with 35 exchanges and searches for price diversification on a myriad of tokens 24 hours a day. The platform makes money by paying for the token on an exchange where its cost is the lowest and by reselling it directly on another where the price is the most expensive.

There are multiple factors of price divergence on the stock market. Ditto for changes in trading volumes and liquidity between upper and lower exchanges. In other words, these differences will always exist regardless of the market trend. Therefore, if the market experiences downward fluctuations, this will not affect the price of your BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum) tokens in any way.

In addition, the AbiSmart platform not only provides perfect hedging against downside fluctuations, but it goes beyond and allows you to reap gains ranging from 10.8% to 45% per year, or 0.9%. at 3.75% per month. If you wish, you can consult these credible figures through this yield table of the site. By doing so, you will be aware of the benefits you can derive from it depending on the amount you deposit.

Money is Really Good

ArbiSmart offers a unique method to hold your BTC and ETH coins with the added benefit of making huge gains for you using automated trading. And that’s not all !

Beyond the 45% annual passive profits generated by crypto arbitrage, you can still get within 1% additional earnings per day and compound interest. How is it possible ? Well, all you have to do is store your funds in a blocked savings account for a specific period of time. However, you should remember that your highest income comes from the profit gained on the ever increasing price of the RBIS coin. It climbed 520% ​​in the space of just two years and its price should still explode, if we stick to the elements relayed below in this file.

Network security and reliability issues are paramount issues for traders. Because what would it be beneficial for you to win jackpots, if you have to lose everything later because of fraudulent operations and the insecurity of the crypto network you use. For this purpose, AbiSmart is regulated under European license. As you do your research, you will be amazed to find that he has no legal background and enjoys a reputation quality.

The Future of the Token is Promising

The Abismart initiative achieved 150% growth last year in 2020. Since that time, the community has grown and registered thousands of users on the platform.

This year 2021 looks like a favorable year for the RBIS crypto. The platform has undertaken a series of upgrades to its ecosystem. Moreover, in this fourth quarter of the year, the quotation on the cartographic exchanges is of setting and this contributes to increase the prices in a significant way. In addition, from this end of the year until the beginning of 2022, a large number of RBIS tools are being launched (new application, portfolio generating interest in crypto and fiat, yield farming program).

All of these instruments can increase the value of crypto. However, with increasing demand, the supply of the RBIS token will remain limited. It is established at 450 million. Therefore, analysts believe that the value of RBIS will be multiplied by 40 by 2023.

RBIS is a great way to overcome the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and reap profits even in a downward phase. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities of this network before the prices soar, you can buy RBIS here.

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