How to be an Alonsista in 2023

Aston Martin will teach today the AMR23 for the first time in the factory Silverstone (from 20:00 CET). Next to the car is a young Asturian driver who points out ways. He can’t be called a rookie, he’s heading into his 20th Formula 1 season with the record number of grand prix contested; Not even beardless, he won two World Cups (2005 and 2006) and 32 races.

It is not his first job, before he has put the monkey on minardi (2001), Renault (2003-2006, 2008-2009; Alpine in 2021-2022), McLaren (2007, 2015-2018) and Ferrari (2010-2014). But it is a first time for Fernando Alonso41 years old: debuts with his fifth manufacturer in the F1with renewed motivation and the hope of getting closer to the chimera of the 33rd or the third.

Little is known about the car and much is expected, perhaps too much. They were seventh in 2022 with Vettel and Stroll. The aerodynamic design is carried out by Dan Fallows and Eric Blandinsigned up for Red Bull and Mercedes; and it is understood that the curves will deepen even more on the ideas that made good to the RB18 last year, because Fallows was at the origins of that concept. The engine is Mercedes, a guarantee of peace of mind after a fateful 2022 in terms of reliability for Alonso (9th in the championship with multiple breakdowns). Much is expected because Aston Martin abandoned the AMR22 before the summer to direct all their efforts (also financial) towards the project of the course that is beginning. In times of spending ceilings, that should be a plus.

In this context, two almost philosophical aspects converge. On one hand, the alonsista of a new generation, social and digital, confused because all the license plates of the cars he comes across add up to 33. A few years ago he gave F1 a second chance to subscribe first to the plan, then to the mission, now to the illusion without a fanned network for the optimistic messages that come from the environment of the team, and from Fernando himself. On the other hand, the renegade who gave up all hope in the times of mclaren honda and now he just waits to continue charging reason.

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With the data on the table, Aston Martin has done everything necessary to change the course of his team and aspire to good results in the medium term. There is money, the Canadian tycoon has put it in part Lawrence Stroll, father of Fernando’s partner. But in F1, two plus two can be four, ten or zero. Other bigger ones went to the great circus with much greater investments and ambitions and they came out scalded. And many small theorists, including an energy drink, managed to change the foundation of the sport. Originally this structure established in Silverstone has been before Jordan, Force India either Racing Point: the typical team of the middle zone.

Today a new chapter in Alonso’s career is presented, which is possibly the last in his F1 volume (for two or three seasons). There are, again, two ways to attend as witnesses. You can enjoy it as long as possible, because one day the best single-seater driver that Spain has given to the maximum of what mechanics can offer will not be there. Or you can set the bar at the height of his abilities to demand that he reach the podiums, win races again and fight for the title he lacks. The first amateur, realistic, will not fall into the torrent of frustration. But let no one be fooled: in the second carriage, that of the demanding and insatiable ones who only need to win, there is Fernando Alonso Diaz.

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