How to apply for assistance after family gathering in Spain?

MADRID: After moving family to Spain, many people ask if they can apply for aid.

In Spey, whether the family is newly formed or has been for some time, they can apply for assistance, but remember that only the head of the family, be it father or mother, can apply.

When applying for assistance from the head of the family, documents of other family members must be attached with the application.

Some people find that when they called the family, their salary was 1400 Euros, but now that the documents are to be renewed, the salary has become 1200 Euros, so there will be no problem?

In this regard, remember that such a small difference does not pose any obstacle in renewing the documents. Rather, now under the new law, only your contract will be seen whether it is ongoing or expired.

It is also important to remember not to leave the house you choose before the family application until the first period of paperwork, because there are many families who have passed the papers and invited the family, but left the house during the same process. Diya, after that he had to go through a difficult process to get a new house.

There is a huge housing shortage in Spain, which makes finding a home much more difficult.

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