How natural stones help fight stress and insomnia

Stress and insomnia are some of the most common problems in today’s 21st century society. Its symptoms include, in addition to the inability to fall asleep easily or take effective rest, depression, headaches, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm and, often, abuse of legal harmful substances such as alcohol or tobacco, or illegal ones like drugs.

stress and insomnia They don’t just affect senior managers or business people who face big problems related to their business every day. Many children and teens begin to feel pressure beyond their years with schoolwork and performance, grades, or meeting fashion and grooming standards. Adults, parents of these children and young people, have to deal daily not only with the successive economic crises that are occurring, but also with work and family reconciliation, which is a term that seems to only be used in electoral propaganda, but which is not come true. definitely, the whole society can suffer for one reason or another, some of these evils

The current rhythm of life imposed by the West is a great generator of stress and insomnia, because the mind cannot get rid of the pressure that makes it rest at night. consulted the experts of land of gemsan online store of minerals and natural, energetic and healing stones, This list of stones was designed to help combat these two factors that prevent you from having a good quality of life.


This is a quartz that guarantees protection perfect for anyone who has trouble falling asleep. Not surprisingly, it is related to the alignment of the crown chakra, which is responsible for peace of mind. Helps to fall asleep as well as eliminate stress and reach a state of complete relaxation.


This is the best quartz for help you sleep better. It is a stone related to luck that not only helps bring the good vibesbut it is very effective when it comes to Fall sleep. To put insomnia behind you for good, it’s a good idea to place an amethyst quartz under your pillow.

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Sodalite is known as stone of peaceis an excellent bearer of emotional balance and self-confidencecharacteristics that make it essential for calm anxiety. One of its most outstanding properties is to relax the mind and promote sensible thought processes that lead to more logical and reasonable decision-making.

It is the stone that anyone suffering from panic attacks should never be without.

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a reference stone in any cleansing, protecting and transforming actionnot in vain, deal with neutralize negative energies. It is a mineral widely used in therapies, cures and cures or in those places where you want to get a clean environment, free of bad vibes.

Regardless of the physical discomfort suffered, black tourmaline manages to balance the energy level.


Hematite, on the other hand, calms the mind, resulting ideal for releasing stress and fighting insomnia. It is related to the root chakra and its energy reinforces the connection with the Earth. It offers a feeling of confidence in everything tangible and helps you relax so you can sleep soundly.


This stone that comes in different colors exudes a tender and gentle energy It has a great calming effect.

relax your mind and it makes the difficulties encountered during the day seem less arduous to overcome. It is ideal as an ally for overcome stress and anxietywhich are often the main reasons for not falling asleep and staying up all night.

also have harmonizing propertiesestablishing balance in the different facets of life and helping to find solutions.


The moonstone It is a crystal with a calming effect that helps to reduce emotional tensions. It is considered a feminine, intuitive and loving stone. Her vibration calms anyone who uses her like a mother with her child when she has a bad night. They evoke a state of relaxation throughout the body, providing the perfect mood for wonderful floors.

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