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How much would Koeman’s settlement cost Laporta’s Barcelona?

Barcelona’s second defeat in the Champions League amplifies Barcelona’s sporting crisis and leaves Laporta between a rock and a hard place. The Barça president has lost confidence in Koeman, but the Dutchman’s settlement has tied up the maximum culé president. According to El País, the price of firing the coach amounts to about 12 million euros, a figure that is impossible to assume at this time by the Blaugrana entity. In the same information, it is highlighted that the austerity policy set by Ferran Reverter, the general director, is as implacable as the financial marking of the guarantors awaiting the October meeting in which the accounts will be approved and responsibilities will be defined once known that the debt is 1,325 million.

Laporta hoped to achieve good results that would help generate income through agreements with sponsors. However, the team’s losing streak is not helping the depleted coffers of the Barça club either. The only possible solution at this time is to trust that injured players will recover and the level of the team will improve. Nevertheless, the two blows suffered by Barcelona in the Champions League (0-3 against Bayern and 3-0 against Benfica) put Koeman in an almost untenable situation.

Laporta has issued several videos trying to find the calm of the fans. However, the second defeat in the Champions League supposes a new fire that seems difficult to solve simply with another new presidential video. If Laporta met after the game against Bayern with Vice President Rafael Yuste and football director Mateo Alemany, everything indicates that another crisis cabinet will take place in the next few hours. It will be necessary to see if after her, Koeman maintains his position or an agreement is reached for his departure.

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