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How much prize money does France get for winning the Six Nations in rugby?

¿Cuánto dinero se lleva Francia de premio por ganar el Seis Naciones de rugby?

The Six Nations already has a champion. In an edition, as usual, exciting until the end, France has risen triumphant. With suspense, because the calculators were active until the end, and the joy of a competition with such a tradition.

As always, double prize. On the one hand, sports, with the pride bestowed by the prestigious tournament; on the other, the economic one. In recent years, the amounts offered by the Six Nations to its participants have remained stable, being very important. In total, the competition, which started on February 5, distributes just over 16 million pounds. In its conversion to euros, just over 19 million.

El Gallo, as champion of the tournament, takes the largest part of the amount: 5.8 million euros. But it doesn’t stop there. By achieving the persecuted Grand Slam, the final figure rises to 6.8 million, since it represents a million bonus.

For the rest of the participating teams, on the other hand, the figures are not less either. Ireland, as second classified, is awarded 3.5 million pounds (just over 4 euros). England, in the middle of the table, is close to three million euros (2.5 pounds) and Scotland, fourth, remains at 2.3. Wales, which gives up its scepter, and Italy, closing the classification, take 1.5 and 1.1 million, respectively.

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