How much money does Roman Reigns make in WWE?

One of the highest paid fighters in the WWE is partying. Roman Reignsthe undisputed universal champion of the luchistic company turns 38 this Thursday, May 25.

Among the most important achievements that Reigns meet six world championships, four WWE championships, two WWE Universal Championshipsamong many other titles.

Reigns debuted with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at Survivor Series 2012 and did not hesitate for a minute to swear that he would put an end to “injustice” that had taken over WWE. As a united front, The Shield proved to be an impossible unit to stop. He got rid of some of the top superstars in WWE including The Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock, and Triple H.

How much money does Roman Reigns make in WWE?

At the moment, Roman Reigns is working on a contract that pays him $5 million a year, and this is one of the highest paying contracts in the company right now. This without counting sponsors and brands.

In accordance with Celebrity Net Worth, Reigns has a fortune of $14 million dollars. During a six-year period that ended in 2020, Reigns was presented as the new face of the company. However, fans and critics rejected this with considerable vehemence.

In 2018, Roman Reigns lived his difficult moments after he had to give up the title for fighting a disease known as leukemia, The same one that was diagnosed in 2007.

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