How much money do NBA players earn to participate in the All-Star Game?

Those selected for the NBA All-Star Game They charge to attend the big event, one that brings together the 24 best of the first part of the season (they choose the starters among fans, press and players and the substitutes, the coaches). Beyond the honor, one that remains forever in the curriculum of the stars of the League, there is an economic incentive for those who participate in the activities of a weekend during which the rest of the players in the competition, the vast majority, usually take the opportunity to go on a long weekend: short getaways to holiday destinations with families or friends.

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Up to and including the 2018 edition, the players of the team that won the game got $50,000 a head and those of the defeated side got $25,000. That changed starting in 2019. Concern over how uncompetitive the All-Star Game had become made the NBA seek to incentivize participants a little more. from that year each player on the winning team went on to take $100,000, while the prize for the defeated remained at $25,000. Half to a quarter. Steph Curry himself acknowledged that this was a difference that the players began to notice.

On the other hand, there are some cash prizes that are not for the players but are part of a donation made by the NBA, one for which the captain of each team chooses a charity from the city in which All-Star Weekend is held. In the current format, each quarter is played with the score from scratch and has its own winner, who donates $100,000 per quarter won to their chosen organization. There are 300,000 before the dispute of the last quarter, the one that goes to the final score and that is worth another 150,000 dollars for the organization of the winner. Both start, so that neither can stay at zero, with a base of 150,000, which is what they take via the NBA in the worst case. That part is for that NBA initiative, and there the players compete for a day that is not for them.

The winners of the contests They also have a prize. In the mates, the most important, there are 100,000 dollars for the champion and 50,000 for the second. In the triples and skills the amounts drop to 50,000 and 35,000, but in the triples there are cash prizes for more participants, not just for the first two.

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