How much money did the teams participating in the World Baseball Classic earn?

The Japanese national baseball team achieved its third championship on Tuesday night in the historical course of World Baseball Classic, this after defeating under a score of 3-2 their counterparts from the United States in a very euphoric match.

And with this, the representative of Japan took to his accounts the sum of three million dollarsincluding a million as compensation for the achievement of the title.

Previously, the samurai had received the sum of three hundred thousand dollars for being among the twenty participants, the same amount for finishing first in the group B playoffs, followed by four hundred thousand for advancing to the quarterfinals, as well as another five hundred thousand dollars for reaching the semifinals and the same portion for reach the last phase.

In the case of the American team, who end up taking silver medals and the runner-up label, they receive a total of one million seven hundred thousand dollars. They did not receive the portion of three hundred thousand for leading the qualifiers, as they ended up qualifying in second position.

For their part, the groups of Cuba and Mexico, who ended up succumbing in the semifinal phase and led the previous stages, they carry one million five hundred thousand dollars to their accounts.

The Venezuelan team, which led group D in the playoffs and qualified to the quarterfinal stage, will receive a total of one million dollars in compensation.

In addition, the national representatives of Australia, Puerto Rico and Italy, who managed to reach the quarterfinals, are called to earn seven hundred thousand dollars provided by the organizers of the World Cup event (Major League, Players Union and the International Baseball and Softball Confederation).

Ultimately, those teams with a disqualification from the first round, such as Canada, China, Colombia, South Korea, Great Britain, Panama, the Netherlands, Israel, Nicaragua, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic and Taiwan, will be receiving the amount of three hundred thousand dollars.

According to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, the World Baseball Classic will stage its sixth edition in 2026.

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