How much money did Manny Pacquiao make against Ugas?

The stir generated by the return of Manny Pacquiao was very great. He is one of the boxers who generates the most and who therefore earns the most, although his figures, like those of the rest, are very far from the king in terms of income, Canelo Álvarez. The Mexican won in his last fight against Billy Joe Saunders about 35 million dollars. A figure far removed from what both Pacquiao and Ugas will receive.

Pacquiao had agreed to charge five million dollars for his fight against Errol Spence. The amount is striking, since against Keith Thurman, in 2019, the Filipino took 10 million dollars. Obviously, the pandemic has dramatically lowered what boxers can perceive. Despite the change of rival (Spence was injured last week), the bag is kept and in addition Fox Sports also decided to maintain the price of the PPV in the United States ($ 74.95). Therefore, it will cost the same, but it is likely that the change of rival will sell less … even so, the Filipino expects to earn a total of about 25 million dollars (derived from PPV, sponsors …).

Following that line, Errol Spence had planned to win $ 1.5 million for the lawsuit. The figure for Ugas will be lower (it has not been disclosed, but is expected to be around one million). It generates less, but it will perceive more than if it had been the co-star combat of the night. Powerfully draws attention to the undercard. Manny Pacquiao himself has monitored that they were fighting in the previous one to control spending and not see their income reduced even more.

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