How much does the Warriors NBA championship ring cost and who designed it?

The Golden State Warriors They are once again the rival to beat in the NBA. In the summer of 2022, the set of Steve Kerr was imposed on the boston celtics to win his seventh championship, the fourth of the ‘era Curry’. One more season, the beginning of the campaign brings with it a series of events, especially in the case of the champion team, as is the case of the San Francisco franchise.

Like every year, in the first match of the season at home, the squad that won the NBA receives the commemorative rings of said feat. In the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday, it will take place before the meeting that the Warriors they will dispute before Los Angeles Lakersa team accustomed to this type of ceremonies.

The ring, one of the most valuable materials

The ring, which has no limitations on the number of people on the team that can receive it, has many details to consider. First of all, it should be noted that, each season, the design is likely to be changed. Also the materials. In this case, the diamonds and precious stones that abound in this element, one of the most desired.

This is due to a specific reason: the realization of it. Due to the jeweler setting these jewels and setting the ring, variations can occur on an almost yearly basis. A clear case was that of the last champion, the milwaukee bucks. In the delivery of the titles of 20-21, they established 400 diamonds, 360 on the top, another 16 on the left side and that they had the shape of an emerald.

These had their meaning: the 360 in the upper part represented the victories achieved since the purchase of the set, those in the left area, the matches won in the ‘playoffs’ of the season in question, while others 16 They represented the division titles won by the Wisconsin franchise.

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Jason of Beverly Hills, the one in charge of designing the rings

Another of the key questions about the rings that the current champions will receive has to do with the jewelry in charge of making them. In this case, it will be the company Jason of Beverly Hills the one chosen to design one of the most anticipated elements by all the members of the Californian franchise, which will try to defend the championship in the season that is about to begin.

This jewelry has a remarkable experience when designing the rings of the champions of the NBA. In the case of the Warriors, it is worth mentioning that he took care of the 2018carrying out a great innovation, since they were the first reversible elements in the history of what is known as the ‘best League in the world’.

Likewise, said jewelry has also been commissioned from the rings of other NBA champion teams. Milwaukee Bucks in 2021 or Los Angeles Lakers in 2020, they have been other clients of said industry, trusted by the competition, one of the most demanding on the planet.

The value of the ring, a very formulated question

Another of the most repeated questions that exist around these elements is the price at which they are valued. There is usually no specific price, but there may be approximations. For example, in the case of the champions of the year 2020, Los Angeles Lakers, the rings went above 150,000 dollars per unit, being the most expensive in the entire history of the NBA.

Another example was the 2019 champion Toronto Raptors. The Canadian painting got its first wound, and to celebrate it, it made up to five different types of rings. The most expensive of them, which was intended for the members of the first team (coaches and players) reached 100,000 dollars per unit.

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