Home Sports How much does it cost to work out at Ilia Topuria’s gym?

How much does it cost to work out at Ilia Topuria’s gym?

Ilia Topuria’s gym opens its doors to future champions

For just 60 euros per month it is now possible to practice mixed martial arts on the same tatami where Ilia Topuria grew up. The Climent Club in Alicante, run by the brothers Jorge and Agustín Climent, This opportunity offers both adults and children aged five and over.

Topuria’s fame has catapulted interest in mixed martial arts (MMA). His gym has become a meeting place for those who want to follow in his footsteps. With an affordable fee the gym promises high-quality training in an environment that exudes success and commitment.

Ilia Topuria Gym
This expansion would not only benefit future talent, but also honor the legacy of Ilia Topuria and the Climent brothers in the world of MMA.

A promising future for the Climent Club

Climent Club is not only witnessing Topuria’s rise in the UFC world, but also has established itself as a home for 300 students immersed in the world of MMA, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and Muay Thai. The Climent brothers share their passion and discipline with each student, instilling in them the same values ​​and techniques that made Ilia a star.

The Ilia Topuria gym has become a label of excellence and commitment. The Climent brothers are proud of their Ilia Topuria gym and are considering the possibility of expanding their facilities to accommodate more aspiring champions. Topuria’s success has generated unprecedented interest and pushed the gym to its maximum capacity. The current structure of the Climent Club, an old carpentry workshop converted into a martial arts venue, It could develop into a larger and more modern space.

Inspiration and commitment, the formula for success

The gym offers an immersive experience with murals and slogans that inspire and motivate students to improve every day. With prices that vary depending on the number of disciplines practiced, the Climent Club remains true to its essence of accessibility and excellence. Topuria’s story and her connection to the Ilia Gym in Topuria serve as inspiration for anyone who dreams of achieving greatness on the mat.

The story of Ilia Topuria and the Climent Club is a testament to the power of dedication and hard work. Aspiring fighters who enter the gym’s doors find an environment full of inspiration, where Topuria’s performance serves as a beacon of motivation. The Climent brothers don’t just teach fighting techniques; They instill a philosophy of life focused on respect, discipline and personal improvement.

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