How many victories does Fernando Alonso have in the F1 World Championship and when was the last one he won a race?

He August 24, 2003 It was a day for the history of Spain in Formula 1. Fernando Alonso began to write his legend in the great circus with a first victory who arrived at the wheel of a Renault, together with the one who would later be proclaimed world champion. The Hungaroring circuit became Holy Land for Spanish motorsports, as it hosted the race in which the Asturian debuted as a World Cup winner where he made his debut two years earlier, in Australia, aboard a Minardi with which he did not reap any victory. Although the greatest of all was being able to be part of a select grill, in which just two years later the two-time champion began to leave his mark within a category in which continued to accumulate successes over time.

On that Sunday in August it all began 2003 Hungarian GP victory (track where the Asturian has not won again) another 31 victories followed, totaling a total of 32 in the category. There were more glorious times than others within the World Cup, especially highlighting the years 2005 and 2006 together with Renault where a total of 7 wins for each season. But the counter did not stop after two years in history, where he not only won (a total of 17 grand prizes with the diamond mark), but was also proclaimed double world champion. Nobody was better than Fernando and no one doubted the talent of a driver, who achieved the dream of anyone who comes to F1: debut with Ferrari.

Before arriving at Maranello, the Spaniard went through McLaren (where he added four wins) and returned to Renault for two seasons (he accumulated another two), hoping to find his moment. He arrived in 2010, a round year where, in addition Alonso celebrated a decade of seasons in the great circus, and together with those of Maranello came a last victory that was celebrated on May 12, 2013 during the Spanish GP. Montmeló lived the last great celebration of the two-time champion, who added 11 victories in total with Ferrari, and since then he has been looking for a new success that would bring him closer to a figure that has gone viral with his arrival at Aston Martin.

What meaning does the number ’33’ have for Fernando Alonso?

Before Fernando Alonso got into the Aston Martin in the Bahrain tests, Twitter was filled with the message ‘how 33′ in allusion to the Asturian. The meaning of the figure is as simple as it seems and is that the fans made the number of wins that the two-time champion is looking for in the great circus a trend. After a decade of drought and the signing of Alonso by the Silverstone team, this new challenge once again excites fans who continue to trust in future success. Since that May 12, 2013, too much time has passed and it is time to renew illusions. Although speaking of Fernando, the illusion was never lost.

victory number Big prize
1. Hungarian GP 2003
2. Malaysian GP 2005
3. Bahrain GP 2005
4. San Marino GP 2005
5. European GP 2005
6. French GP 2005
7. German GP 2005
8. Chinese GP 2005
9. Bahrain GP 2006
10. Australian GP 2006
eleven. Spanish GP 2006
12. Monaco GP 2006
13. British GP 2006
14. Canadian GP 2006
fifteen. Japan GP 2006
16. Malaysian GP 2007
17. Monaco GP 2007
18. European GP 2007
19. Italian GP 2007
twenty. Singapore GP 2008
twenty-one. Japan GP 2008
22. Bahrain GP 2010
23. German GP 2010
24. Italian GP 2010
25. Singapore GP 2010
26. Korean GP 2010
27. British GP 2011
28. Malaysian GP 2012
29. European GP 2012
30. German GP 2012
31. Chinese GP 2012
32. Spanish GP 2012

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