How many times did you propose marriage to another wife? Joe Biden said

Washington: US President Joe Biden made a pleasant revelation about his marriage proposals to his second wife, Jill Biden.

According to foreign media, US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attended actress Drew Barrymore’s show where they talked about their marriage.

‘Is it true that you proposed to Jill Biden five times?’ In response, Joe Biden said: ‘It’s absolutely true. After being offered five times, Jill said yes.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden were married in 1977 and have a daughter together. The US president got married for the second time after his first wife died in a road accident. He has a son and a daughter from his first wife.

On the show, Joe Biden said that the first time I went out with Jill, I felt that this woman was right for me, so I proposed to her.

He further said that my son and daughter were behind me to somehow propose to Jal, I did all this for them as they had lost their mother.

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