How many thousands of people from Tehran will get the blessing of Hajj?

This year, more than 12,000 people from Tehran, the capital of Iran, will go to Saudi Arabia to enjoy Hajj.

Head of Iranian Hajj Visiting Authority, Abbas Hosseini, has said that 12,520 people from Tehran will arrive in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

Apart from them, 380 employees will also go to pay for Hajj, who belong to the Iranian organization Hajj Visitor.

This year, after the days of Hajj approached, the Saudi authorities imposed a ban on going to Makkah without a permit. No one will be allowed to go to Makkah except those who have an Umrah or Hajj permit.

According to the authorities, from May 15, any resident foreigner who does not have a permit to visit Mecca issued by the relevant authorities will be barred from entering the holy city.

Public order says that permits will be checked at the check posts going to Makkah to implement the rules and regulations of Hajj 1444 Hijri.

According to the authorities, any person who does not have a permit from the relevant authority to visit the Hajj sites will be turned back, along with vehicles going to Mecca without a permit.

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