How long is an NBA game, how long is a quarter, and how long is overtime?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) It is the most important basketball league in the world. The NBA has some different rules than the ones used by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). One of them is the duration of matches.

Basketball games are divided into four rooms. In the NBA each quarter consists of 12 minuteswhich brings the duration of the match to 48 minutes. On the other hand, in the other competitions linked to FIBA, the playing time is 40 minutes (10 minutes each quarter). Players in the NBA have eight more minutes of play. This favors the audience, who will be able to enjoy more show time, and the teams, who will end up with more points on the scoreboard.

How long does an overtime last in the NBA?

In the event of a tie in regulation time, there is also an extra time period. The duration of the extension is five minutes.. If the game is still level after five minutes, another five-minute extra time would be played.

The duration of an NBA game is 48 minutes. The timer stops every time the match does.either for a throw-in, substitutions, free kicks or infractions. The longest game in history lasted 78 minutes. The meeting was held on January 6, 1951. The Indianapolis Olympians faced the Rochester Royals (the current Sacramento Kings). The four quarters ended with a low score (65-65). In the six extensions that were played, 18 points were scored in total. The Olympians took the victory (75-73).

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