How long does the “unbreakable” Kulun glass on the Huawei Mate 50 Pro last?

Last year, when Huawei launched its new flagship Mate 50 Pro, some models came with the new Kunlun crystal.

Developed by Huawei over four years, this “unbreakable” Kunlun glass is created through a special process that includes 108 different procedures, including 24 hours of glass curing and a melting process that takes place at 1,600ºC.

Thanks to billions of highly resistant nanocrystals, Kunlun glass resists impacts 10 times better than any other smartphone glass.

PBK Reviews put the orange Huawei Mate 50 through a drop test to see how well the Kunlun glass would hold up after being dropped onto concrete from various heights. Kunlun glass is the first smartphone glass to receive a five-star rating from SGS, a Swiss testing, inspection and certification company.

Apparently, only the orange Mate 50 has Kunlun glass. These models also have IP68 resistance against dust and water.


The first drop was from waist height and aimed at the phone’s 6.74-inch AMOLED display. The side of the screen had some scratches, as well as the corners of the frame. Other than that, the glass held up pretty well.

The second drop was from head height, screen down, onto concrete. Luckily for the phone, the device was flipped over before hitting the ground, and the glass never hit the concrete as the phone landed on its back. Therefore, there was no damage to the crystal after the fall, but it certainly cannot be attributed to the strength of the Kunlun crystal.

So another attempt was made to drop the Mate 50 Pro onto the head-height display. In this attempt, the glass kissed the concrete, but there was no damage to the screen.

At this point, the sides of the device were scratched, but the glass appeared to be intact. The fourth and final drop was from the waist up on the back of the phone. This led to some minor scratches and the first crack in the front glass that started at a spot where the frame had bent after an earlier drop. It was a small crack that wasn’t noticeable when you ran your finger over it.

The creator of the video points out that Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protected screens cracked on first drop (waist height, screen facing down) when you’ve recently tried them

Your conclusion? He would like to see more smartphones with the Kunlun glass that Huawei has used in the Mate 50 Pro.

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